IT services and solutions for retail and hospitality

What we do

What we do

Our Services

Our Managed Services allow retailers and hospitality operators to concentrate on their business whilst we ensure that the systems that underpin their operations function appropriately.

We provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year to stores, head offices, warehouses, concessions and franchises through our Help Desk, retail systems support, technical services and project management support.

Whilst we are based in the UK we support leading international retail and hospitality brands, and as such can provide multiple language support, to underpin international growth.

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Our Solutions

We develop software solutions for global retailing in an omnichannel trading environment.

Our specialist omnichannel supply chain solution, Merret supports all trading activities, whilst providing a central stock pool and the ability to fulfil customer demand regardless of time of day, geographical location or desired shopping touch point. In line with latest technologies, we also have the ability to deploy solutions on tablet for the most efficient inventory management.

Our two way data exchange solution, Ra-X is used to manage the transfer of business critical data such as price, product and sales information across numerous trading locations, trading partners and suppliers. This provides seamless data exchange to and from head office across stores, concessions and franchises globally.

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