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  • 31 Jan 2011

Valentine’s Day… with a little help from our clients

Valentine’s Day – those two words can induce fear in the very bravest of hearts. However, being kind souls, our clients have been busy trying to make things a little easier for us at this time of year. Here’s my roundup of the three traditional Valentine’s Day components on offer. With plenty of options to choose between, you’ll hopefully be able to find something suitable, whether you’ve been with your partner for 2 weeks, or 22 years so far.

1) The card: Sounds obvious, but forget it at your peril. Our client Paperchase has a fine selection on offer: Also, if all this slushy stuff is already making you feeling a little queasy already, there are even a couple there that don’t mention the dreaded ‘l’ word!

2) The gift: Again, being a bit of a geek, I would split this into three main categories:

2.1) Flowers / chocolates: don’t last forever, but they’re fun while they last (anybody wishing to draw a comparison with relationships should be warned that Valentine’s Day is not a time for cynicism). If you really want to treat your partner, check out the ones from our client Selfridges:

2.2) Underwear: typical Valentine’s day territory, but it can be risky. If you’re 100% sure of your partner’s taste, and equally importantly – size; our client La Senza has lots of lovely stuff on offer:

2.3) Jewellery: this doesn’t have to be a big or expensive gesture like an engagement ring – our client White Stuff has got some cute and affordable heart shaped necklaces on their website:

3) The date: Yes I know restaurants everywhere will be busy on the 14th February – either get over it, or celebrate on the 13th instead. Our client Harvey Nichols has 9 restaurants, some of which are hosting special events on the 13th, and all of which are bound to impress your date:

Alternatively, if you haven’t been with your partner long and the thought of sitting with them in a room full of people gazing into each other’s eyes intimidates you – why not go and see a film instead? Our client VUE has cinemas nationwide:

Single this Valentine’s Day? That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it means you can spend your hard earned cash on yourself as opposed to somebody else! Treat yourself to something from one of our other clients instead:

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