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  • 3 Jun 2013

Using Merret May Prevent Customer ‘Grief Cycle’

merret, shopping, online shopping, According to a recent survey, buying clothes online can trigger a complex series of emotions closely resembling the grief cycle. If things go wrong, shoppers are left feeling mad within themselves, annoyed at the retailer, and in denial – especially if the issue is in regards to size.

A poor shopping experience can result from many different factors – server issues, out of stock items and a disconnected service, to name a few – but with careful planning and strict processes in place disappointment can usually be avoided.

With Retail Assist’s ‘Merret’ supply chain solution retailers can help to avoid many of the issues that lead to this grief cycle. With all aspects of stock control, supply and business information taken care of from a central location, all processes are connected and make for a smoother experience.

Merret is designed for multichannel, multi-currency, and multi-language retailing to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and support rapid return on investment, and currently supports names including ASOS, Morrisons Nutmeg and Paperchase. While Merret may not be able to make a piece of clothing fit, it can reduce issues in other aspects of the buying process, leading to happy customer relationships that won’t result in grief.

To read the original article, visit the Integrated Retailer “Shoppers experience symptoms of ‘grief’ after a poor online shopping trip.

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