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  • 15 Aug 2011

Top 5 student essentials from Retail Assist clients

Available at www.sxc.huWhen I was a student, I used to get frustrated by reminders in August that my long summer break would soon be drawing to a close… Now that I’m not at university, it’s time for revenge! I have however come up with some handy hints for freshers using products from Retail Assist’s lovely clients, so I hope they forgive me:

1) Stationery. This sounds trivial, but do you really want to be the annoying person in the first lecture of the year who is tapping people on the shoulder and talking over the lecturer in a desperate attempt to borrow a pen / paper to take notes with? It doesn’t give the best first impression to your classmates and the person who will potentially be marking your future essay submissions. Stock up at our client Paperchase in advance instead:

2) Technology. Having your own laptop and internet connection will mean that you can meet those last minute deadlines from the comfort of your student digs in your pyjamas, instead of camping out in a chilly library at midnight. Our client Tec7 has a good selection:

3) Food. I could mention the importance of a balanced diet containing fruit / vegetables, and not having takeaway pizza for dinner every evening, but I know you wouldn’t listen to me. Sometimes all you need is a real sugar boost to wake you up after a night out on the tiles. For a real luxurious sweet treat, head to our client Selfridges:

4) Alcohol. Arguably not an essential – you can have a great time at university without it. (Mum if you’re reading this, I never touched a drop in the 3 years I was there, honest). If however you would like the odd glass of the stuff and happen to be going on holiday before heading to uni, our client World Duty Free has some great bargains:

5) Clobber. Being a pretentious literature undergraduate, I used to think that wearing a beret was the height of sophistication, as it gave me an intellectual yet bohemian air. I was wrong: it made me look like a waitress in an unconvincing French bistro. Avoid my sartorial errors by picking up some suitable attire from one of our many fashion retailer clients:

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