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  • 27 Jun 2011

Top 5 airport and flight annoyances solved by Retail Assist’s clients

If you’re fortunate enough to be jetting off to an exotic destination for your holiday this summer, there’s a good chance you will be spending a significant amount of time actually getting there. With the help of Retail Assist’s clients, I’ve compiled an essential airport / plane ‘survival kit’, whether your journey is 2 or 24 hours long.

Hurdle number 1: Not a fan of your passport photo? Join the club! This Paperchase Passport Holder can help dress it up a bit:

Hurdle number 2: Bored because your flight has been delayed? It happens every year doesn’t it… Never mind, with the help of this Sony PRS-350 E-Reader available from Tec7, you can start reading your holiday novel before you even hit the beach:

Hurdle number 3: Forgotten to pack something essential? Fret not. Our client World Duty free has stores at airports nationwide:

Hurdle number 4: Fancy a nap on the plane, but the guy in seat 12B has his reading light on? This La Senza spotty mesh eyemask can come to the rescue, and is pretty cute too:

Hurdle number 5: Picked the wrong luggage off the baggage carousel? You need something more distinctive. This stamp map holdall available from Harvey Nichols won’t get mixed up with the array of plain black suitcases. You can also pick your next holiday destination from its unique design:

Need more help deciding what to pack? Our other clients should be able to help:

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