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  • 6 Jan 2014

The Year of Ecommerce

2013 saw UK consumers tot up a record breaking £5 billion in online spending.  With the ever increasing popularity in mobile shopping, a growth of 135%, it was definitely a year of ecommerce.  This popularity is set to keep increasing in 2014 so retailers need to be prepared to evolve with this trend.

With the growth in ecommerce, personalisation is going to be key in 2014.  There are now  over 50% of UK shoppers who see personalisation as an integral component when making a purchase, and something which can heavily influence the purchasing decision.  Customers are beginning to expect a tailored online shopping experience, similar to that of an in store one.  The benefits of personalisation can be great, with loyalty and trust built between customers and retailers, resulting in frequent visits to websites.  This should be part of any businesses growth plans for 2014.

Creativity is also going to be crucial on website design, with images, videos and high quality messages giving an interactive element to the site and helping to generate an overall more personalised experience.

The growth in omni-channel is set to increase specifically in the area of mobile shopping, with over 1.2 billion people globally using their phones to shop online.  Stats from Google show that 80% of online shopping is impulsive meaning retailers need to have an approach which suits this shopping style, yet provides a consistent and flexible approach within the multichannel experience.

It’s important to understand that one minute of system downtime can result in thousands of pounds in lost revenue and lost customer loyalty.  We understand that 24x7x365 support and maintenance is how you sustain a strong infrastructure, retaining customer faith and a reliable service.

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