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  • 13 May 2013

The Importance Of Imagery In Retail

In the world of e-commerce, according to an article recently published in the Sunday Times magazine, the model wearing the clothes can increase sales of an item by as much as 800%. The power of the fit on the model alongside the power of great photography can turn a potential buyer into a shopper, and so getting the formula right is crucial to business.

At Retail Assist we work with a variety of clients, all of whom – in our opinion – have gotten it right in terms of their imagery. From ASOS’s edgy looks to Mint Velvet’s classic styling we have a chance to see fashion photography from all angles. This year one of our favourite sets of promotional shots comes from Oasis, a client that recently signed up to work with our supply chain solution, Merret.

With a dreamlike and fantasy inspired theme we feel the shots highlight the femininity of the clothes being sold, whilst selling a whimsical lifestyle that many strive for.

What do you think, have you ever bought an item because it looked good on the model?

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