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  • 10 Feb 2014

The Extension of Click and Collect

Supply chains have a lot to deal with at the moment, from international expansion, improved customer service and multi-channel, there is a lot going on.  But click and collect could actually be helping to take some of the pressure off the supply chains.

The ease of online ordering is having an impact on supply chains and the management of home delivery relationships. Many retailers chose to outsource their delivery services but horror story rumours makes the delivery service a stressful one for many retailers.  Retailers are already having to stretch themselves to their limits just to get the transition stage of ordering right plus the delivery process, all whilst trying to turn a profit.

Customers are becoming increasingly demanding and really are proving to be the driving force behind everything. Sourcing products faster and delivering them quicker is now a daily challenge.  As click and collect can be built in to existing supply chain infrastructures it is much easier to manage than managing home delivery strategies. Drawing customers back in to store to collect ordered items will not only help in cutting out the delivery process but also means that more spontaneous sales could be made when customers collect ordered items.

People are seeking convenience over speed and click and collect is a great way of encouraging shoppers back in to store.  Not only is click and collect helping out the chain stores but also independents. A footfall increase in bricks and mortar stores shows that click and collect technology could help provide a new solution for chain and independent stores, helping them avoid show-rooming with these more spontaneous sales.

Remote collection locations are also emerging as a new trend with Amazon and Asda having already installed collection points in numerous locations, including carparks and London Underground.  Ecommerce businesses are also thinking of rolling this out globally but this will be a much bigger challenge.

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