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  • 3 Dec 2010

The curious incident of the router in the daytime

Helen-Wright-150x150When it comes to technology, there should be a logical explanation for why things stop working, but every now and then something can happen which puzzles even the most hardened IT professional. This is one of those cases, and the story of what recently happened to Helen Wright, one of Retail Assist’s Systems Analysts, when faced with a seemingly faulty router at one of our client’s stores in Stillorgan.

Time to set the scene.  The tale began when one of our client’s stores kept facing issues with a router failing to poll data.  At night, the offending article would work perfectly well and transfer all the data it needed to, but during the day this was simply not the case. The Store Manager had wracked their brain as to why this could be happening and had turned to Helen in desperation.

After calling upon an onsite electrician, who was also unable to explain the situation, Helen was stumped. Not being the type to give up, she pondered her options from Retail Assist’s Nottingham Head Office and decided the best thing to do would be to ask the Store Manager to replicate their nightly routine.

Being an environmentally-minded type of person, the Store Manager informed Helen that the last thing they did before locking up of an evening was switch out the lights. This minute detail sparked a light bulb of it’s own… but this time in Helen’s brain!

Against all odds, Helen managed to work out that it was a small halogen light bulb which was interfering with the store’s polling. At night, this was switched off, hence the lack of disturbance. However during the day, once the bulb was fully charged and working at full capacity, it would wreak havoc with the store’s data transfer.

Once the problem was identified, it was very easy to solve, as all the Store Manager needed to do was to replace the light bulb with another… so our client and their router lived happily ever after – all thanks to Helen!

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