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  • 10 Feb 2006

Sponsors of supply chain excellence

Alan Morris

Retail Information Technology outsourcing specialist, Retail Assist, have announced their sponsorship of one of the industry’s most coveted achievement awards, the Supply Chain Excellence category at the 2006 European Retail Solutions Awards.

The award invites retail businesses or retailer/vendor partnerships from across Europe to demonstrate their achievement of Supply Chain Excellence through a new initiative that is delivering results.

Retailers can put distance between themselves and their peers in an increasingly competitive market by good supply chain management. This year’s winner will show how they have achieved business improvements and tangible efficiencies in both addressing the demands of global buying and the need of the business to closely manage its stock.

“Today’s supply chains are complex networks of interdependent elements. Everything must work in concert, requiring not only harmonisation of technology and process but a common culture supported by the best communications structure,” comments Retail Assist’s Managing Director, Alan Morris.

Retail Assist selected to sponsor the Supply Chain Excellence Award as this is an area of particular expertise. Since its formation, the company’s skills have helped retailers to create joined up- supply chain strategies and to optimise communication, data and process: all of which can measurably improve the flow of both data and merchandise.

Continues Alan Morris: “Whilst sound supply chain management can deliver tangible business gains, it also ranks amongst a retailer’s greatest challenges. We help our clients to optimise components and integrate processes and systems. Now, with the availability of affordable bandwidth connectivity, we are also able to help retailers achieve maximum information clarity across their supply chain.”

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