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  • 7 Mar 2016

Sound Thinking for Customer Experience

Recently, we have been watching some insightful TED Talks – the international ideas exchange – and thinking about how general methodologies and thinking patterns can be applied to the retail experience.

We’ve blogged before about the importance of atmospherics in-store, with some great insights from our business partners Inovretail. You can read it here. The environment of the store has a serious impact on your customers, and when at its optimum, retailers can experience more sales and a better store conversion rate.

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So, how can I increase dwell time in store, increasing the store’s conversion rate? Listen up, and raise sound in your consciousness.

In his first TED Talk, Julian Treasure explained that sound affects people in four ways:

  • Physiological – it affects hormone secretions, heart rate, and our brainwaves.
  • Psychological – it changes our moods and our emotions.
  • Cognitive – it changes how clearly and comfortably we think, and how productive we are when making decisions.
  • Behavioural – it changes where we go and what we do. You move away from unpleasant sound, and gravitate towards pleasant sound.

All of these factors are in play in a shopping environment. Most retail sound is inappropriately deployed and for the most part hostile, and these soundscapes can decrease sales by 28%, according to Treasure. Are you encouraging your customers to make comfortable decisions about purchasing products, by creating the best environment to do it in?

Dwell time increases when shoppers are calmer, less stressed, not overwhelmed or fatigued: remember, we experience with five senses and all must be considered in the retail customer experience.

You can watch the full TED Talk below:

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