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  • 13 Jun 2016

SITS 16 takeaways: Service Desk and IT Support Show

Last week we attended SITS 16, the Service Desk and IT Support Show for industry professionals, at Kensington Olympia. It was a great opportunity to meet up with familiar faces, chat to partners and network with new ones.

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With nearly half of IT Professionals looking to upgrade their current Service Desk solution in the next 24 months, today’s blog brings you the latest industry insights from the show.

As this year’s winners of Best Managed Service Desk at the Service Desk Institute’s annual IT Service & Support Awards, it was great to catch up with their Directors and Research team at the Service Desk Institute‘s stand. We enjoyed speaking about the latest developments in our Help Desk team and to our technology – especially App Academy. App Academy is an online e-learning platform used by our customers to learn best practice by way of our applications to increase operational efficiency. As noted in the SDI’s latest benchmarking report, self-service usage has increased to 81%, and so is a valuable tool for our Help Desk customers to increase their knowledge and self-deliver simple fixes.

As a forward thinking business, invested in the quality of our service delivery, we would highly recommend entering the SDI Awards. The awards process really helped us to identify our key areas for development, part of our continuous improvement process that is embedded in our team’s DNA.

As well as complementing our improvement, the Awards have played a key part in our Help Desk culture, providing the team with a huge boost. The Award is a well-deserved recognition for their work in supporting the leading UK retail and hospitality businesses worldwide.

Here are some of our key takeaways from the Expo:

  • Customer Satisfaction

Did you know that by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without ever interacting with a human?

This notable statistic is research from Gartner, shared by Hannah Price from TOPdesk UK in her seminar on customer satisfaction metrics.

With interaction on the decline, it’s more important than ever to engage your customer in the most relevant way possible, and customer feedback is one of the most important assets any business can tap into.

That’s why we’re committed to sharing the results of our Help Desk customers’ feedback, in order to show where we’re improving based on their experiences. In summer, we’re holding a Help Desk Advisory Board with one of our most high profile hospitality customers, a leading UK coffee chain, in order to truly understand how they use the service, and how we can develop together to support their business objectives.

Top 3 takeaways for a successful customer satisfaction survey?
1) Time it right – avoid busy periods, as these solicit a poor response rate
2) Talk the same language – avoid jargon and make questions easy to answer
3) Spread the good news – communicate the survey results to encourage a proactive culture and inspire confidence in the service

  • Innovation, innovation, innovation

The message from many industry experts and service providers from the Expo – innovate and evolve, or get left behind! IT experiences one of the fastest paces of business change, and so having experts in place is essential.

It was great to hear from ITSM consultant and CEO of ITSMF UK Barclay Rae, who also judged our SDI Awards entry this year.

In his seminar on ITSM and DevOps: Design and Collaborate, approaches to IT service management and delivery were analysed in line with latest best practice.

Service providers need to view IT as a lifestyle, rather than a static entity – progress and continuous improvement must be built into the culture.  DevOps is a more agile, responsive, and collaborative approach to delivering IT services. Process and procedure isn’t a “one time” thing, but something that constantly needs working on to realise its benefits. That’s something we have always promoted at Retail Assist.

In addition, Barclay mentioned the importance of organisations investing in hiring a wider range of people and skill sets for successful IT. As an expert in retail and hospitality service provision, Retail Assist has always championed staffing from these backgrounds, as well as from IT. Having the awareness and first hand experience of the niche IT problems in these sectors has proved invaluable on our own service desk, and something our customers really value about Retail Assist.


Did you attend SITS16? Have any further insights to share? Want to know more about our Help Desk or retail IT services? Email, or tweet us @RetailAssist to spark a discussion!

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