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  • 8 Feb 2016

Ship-from-store: in pictures

Latest Retail Week research reveals that 38% of retailers were transitioning to omnichannel last year, a business change process we’re carrying out with many retail brands, implementing our omnichannel supply chain solution: Merret. Our end-to-end solution enables 100% visibility of stock across all retail channels, and uses smart, real-time inventory management, to facilitate important retail processes that increase profitability. One of these is ship-from-store.

Here’s how ship-from-store works, in pictures:

omnichannel supply chain solution

Ship from Store stats
Using individual stores as virtual distribution hubs is key to ensuring orders are fulfilled in the most cost-efficient way, preventing overstocking and stockholding. This is by making stock readily available where it’s needed most. Maximising profitability through full price trade, and reducing discounting, are the benefits being experienced by leading retail brands, including Karen MillenWhistles, Mint Velvet and Paperchase. You can read about our latest Merret project with Karen Millen here.

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