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  • 13 Feb 2012

Romantic Retail Dramas

Image available at www.sxc.huI have a confession to make this Valentine’s Day… I’m a romantic film addict. It doesn’t matter whether the latest cinematic offering is a romantic comedy or a tear jerker; either way I’ll be there with my popcorn. Whilst the UK retail industry has provided us with a lot of drama over the past year, both good (the economy-defying profits for some retailers) and bad (the administrations) there hasn’t been enough romance for my liking… Below are some plot ideas for romantic dramas based upon the UK retail scene:

Bricks and Clicks – Rivalry or Romance?

Introduction: Bobby Bricks, a traditionalist, is threatened by a newcomer to his profession, the young and dynamic Claire Clicks.

Complication: Whilst remaining dominant in the retail sector, Bricks is threatened by the growing popularity of Clicks. Some of Bricks’ usual customers turn to Clicks and are impressed.

Conclusion: In a testing economy, Bricks and Clicks are forced to work together in order to stay in business and in the process, realise that they compliment each other. They fall in love and live happily ever after.

The QR Code Key to my Heart

Introduction: In a futuristic world, the two protagonists do their food weekly shop at two separate shopping walls many miles apart. Simultaneously, both characters come across an unfamiliar QR code that does not take them to the usual product page on a retail website, but instead to a location on Google maps.

Complication: The male and female lead both make their way to the address, suspicious of what might lie in wait for them. On arrival, they meet and notice another QR code on the wall of the building.

Conclusion: When they scan the code another location on Google maps appears; that of a registry office. They realise that this is fate and live happily ever after.

Delivery Dating

Introduction: A potential suitor sends the object of his affection a gift for Valentine’s Day; unfortunately she is out when the delivery is attempted so the item is sent back to the local sorting office.

Complication: When the suitor bumps into his crush in the afternoon of February 14th he realises that she has not received the present that was intended for her. Not wanting her to miss out, he goes to a different retail website and orders an alternative token of his affection using the 90 minute delivery option available.

Conclusion: When the young lady gets home at the end of the day she not only receives the second gift, but also the attempted delivery note for the first one. Impressed by the effort that her admirer has gone to, she realises that he is the one for her and they live happily ever after.

Hollywood scriptwriters can probably sleep easy tonight knowing that I’m not going to be stealing their jobs, however if you have any ideas for potential ‘Romantic Retail Dramas’ please post your comments below or email

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