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  • 22 Sep 2010

Rog Day 6

Wow, that was one busy, but extremely productive day!

The Webex with the Womenswear retailer from New York this morning just couldn’t have gone any better; they are looking for new Supply Chain and PoS solutions, and our timing is therefore perfect. We’re now trying to arrange a date for us to do some flyover demos of Merret and Infinity, which will probably be when I get back to the UK now.

I also spoke with Girish, who is SPI’s Account Manager that looks after one of their large Department Store customers; Jeff suggested we have a conversation to see if Merret and/or Infinity could be a fit. We’re going to talk again soon so I can show him our presentations and get his thoughts.

After having had such a good day, I decided to sample a couple of Atlanta’s bars and lounges, and couldn’t believe it when I was asked for ID to prove I was, get this…21 – I wish!!! Given that I didn’t actually have any ID on me, the only thing I could do is show them my ever greying hair, which got me in one place. I then decided to head back to the Hotel where I got into some great conversation about Baseball and ‘Soccer’ with the Bar Manager and a few other guys.

The Bar Manager is a really nice guy, and a Baseball fanatic! He answered every question I threw at him about the game (mainly me trying to understand the rules), and talked me into going to a game, plus gave me some tips about getting a cheap ticket from a ‘Scalper’ – this is basically the US equivalent of a ticket tout, although it’s apparently more legitimate, plus you typically pay less for the ticket than face value. Should be an interesting experience!

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