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  • 20 Sep 2010

Rog Day 4

So, it’s now Day 4 of my trip.  Des picked me up at just after 8.30am, and 20 minutes later we were sat in the office and going through the presentation in readiness for our first Webex at 10am with a very large Childrenswear retailer here in the US ( I’m going to refrain from giving anything away in these ‘Rog’s’ as I obviously don’t know who will end up reading this).

The call went very well indeed, and Mr X has agreed to meet us in person next week whilst we are in his area to see another Retailer, who spookily he used to work for! I actually questioned Des about this to see if Retail here in the US is like it is back home in terms of people moving between companies and knowing everybody, and he confirmed it is. I was surprised at this given the sheer size of the country, but after looking at this a bit further, there are a lot of Retailers that are based in very close proximity to others all over the place, and I guess that such things as user groups and the like exist, plus trade shows like NRF, and on that basis it’s actually not as surprising as I first thought.

The call this afternoon with an automotive services and parts provider which turned out to be a very specialist area and conventional Retail Supply Chain and PoS solutions are not really a fit. However, SPI have another large customer that are also in this space that the prospect actually knows and works with, and it turned out that Jack may have stumbled upon an opportunity for the provision of SPI’s core integration services, so it turned out to be another good opportunity for SPI!

Whilst walking around the office I stumbled upon Sid’s (SPI’s owner and CEO) office, which in addition to the fantastic views, had one of the most interesting walls I’ve ever seen, so much so that I had to go in and ask him about it and take a photo! He told me that it was The Palace of Mysore, which is a city in Southern India where SPI have a large office, and that it used to house the local king – fascinating, which I’m sure you’ll agree when you see the photo.

On my way to dinner, at ‘Baronda’ I did a very touristy thing and took a photo of the Fox Theatre, which is a very famous Atlanta landmark that is directly opposite the Hotel.

We have 2 more Webex meetings tomorrow, so fingers crossed they are as successful as today’s.

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