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  • 15 Sep 2010

Rog Day 2

Day 2 of my great American adventure actually began at 3am local time with a Skype call home to see my Wife and 2 boys – my eldest, Liam, went back to School today and it represented a major thing in his life given that he was moving from his first class, called Reception, into his next one, called Year 1 – believe me, when you’re 6 years old this is serious stuff!

So, day 2 proper began about 8.30am with a cup of awful coffee that was in the room – disappointing given that American coffee is normally very good. So, the first thing on my shopping list for later is some proper coffee!

My Hotel room is very nice and has plenty of space for me to work, but one very odd thing I’ve found in the Bathroom is a bar of exfoliating soap that has no middle in it, and the very funny thing is the way in which the people that make it try and cover up for the fact that they are selling an incomplete bar of soap – they say it’s environmentally friendly because nobody uses the middle and it gets thrown away. I would invite them to visit some pubs in the UK where I know they would have a very different opinion indeed!

Next, I decided to do a test run of the commute to SPI’s offices that I’ll be doing for real tomorrow, and hence I set off on the short walk to the nearest MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority – basically, the operator of the bus and rail services in and around Atlanta) station (North Avenue – just a mere ‘Block’ away!) where it took me an absolute age to figure out what travel pass I needed to buy – why do they make it so complicated?!

After finally working it out, I armed myself with my Breeze card and jumped on the Red Line heading north to North Springs, to Dunwoody station which is the closest to SPI. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a map showing where, in relation to the station, the offices are, and hence after a bit of walking around and asking people (who just looked at me blankly!) I jumped back on the Red Line heading south to Airport, back to North Avenue, and back to the Hotel. It wasn’t a complete wasted journey though, as I now have my ticket and know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m heading, and tomorrow I’ll actually get on a shuttle bus that runs from the station to the office, so won’t have to worry about which direction I need to walk!

Once back at the hotel the concierge very kindly got me out of a very big hole by lending me a travel adaptor – the ones I’ve brought with me only work in Europe, and given that my Laptop battery died before I headed out on my train journey, I was starting to panic a little! Aren’t concierges brilliant – I’m sure if I’d have asked him for something else he would have had it in the drawer out of which the adaptor came!

The last real point of note for day 2 was my trip to the Supermarket, so off I went to Publix a couple of blocks away, with my number one aim being to find some decent coffee! I’m pleased to say that I found the US equivalent of Nescafe Gold Blend, as well as Krispy Kreme donuts, plus the find of the day – Fruit Loop cereal – I couldn’t hide the joy when I saw those on the shelf, much to the amusement of people in the same aisle! I first encountered Fruit Loops on a skiing trip to Canada a few years ago, and every time I visit North America I always make a point of getting some to take back home.

Early evening came and with it the jet lag started to kick in, and hence I was tucked up in bed at about 7.30pm – not very rock and roll I know!

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