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  • 1 Oct 2010

Rog Day 14

I managed to get the hotel to agree to extend my checkout until 1pm, so I took the opportunity to head downtown to CNN Center and get me and my boys Atlanta Braves (baseball) caps. Whilst I was waiting for the store to open, I was watching CNN on one of the big screens and was amazed when they reported that 1 in 3 American Children are either overweight or obese. Amazed, but having spent 2 weeks living over here, not surprised, as the choice of fast food chains is just so vast, plus in addition to that the portion sizes are just ridiculously big!

On an earlier ‘Rog’ I talked about lack of Chip & PIN. Today, when I presented by Barclaycard in the Atlanta Braves store to pay for the caps, I was asked for ID. When I asked why they needed this, I was told it was to prove that I was the same person that was named on the card. In a country as big and diverse as the US, I’m sure getting a fake ID isn’t a problem, and that got me wondering about how big a problem card fraud must be over here.

After returning to the Hotel and checking out, I decided to spend the afternoon at Atlanta Aquarium in downtown Atlanta, which based upon the volume of water inside the place, is apparently the largest in the world! It was a pretty amazing place – the main highlights of the visit were seeing Sharks, Clownfish (a la Finding Nemo!) and the very impressive Beluga Whales, who were just so graceful and watching them made me feel really relaxed.

It was then off to the airport, where I got chatting to a really nice American guy in the queue to check-in. I bumped into him again past security, and ended up getting the train with him to the terminal from where we were flying – Atlanta Airport is just so big, they have a MARTA train that runs through all of the terminals, and then North into the city and beyond. Anyway, whilst on the train we ended up talking about work, and he told me that he made films. This sounded very interesting, and so I naturally ended up asking him more, and was amazed when he told me that he was Terry Gilliam, of Monty Python fame! Me being me, I had to ask him for a photo, and so a nice lady obliged.

As the plane took off at 9.15pm local time, I raised a very big smile as I was looking forward so much to finally getting home and seeing my family. First, I had an 8 hour flight to look forward to, but given that I was so tired, after having some dinner, it didn’t take me long to fall asleep!

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