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  • 29 Sep 2010

Rog Day 12

Given that my flight wasn’t until 2.35pm from Hartford, I took the opportunity to catch up on my sleep e.g. I had a lie-in! The hotel kindly extended my checkout time to 12:30pm, so I spent the morning catching up with emails, before grabbing a cab to the airport for my first flight to Washington Dulles. Again, the whole process of passing through security and catching my plane was just so simple.

I arrived in Washington about 3.30pm, and had plenty of time to find the gate for my connecting flight to Atlanta (scheduled for 4.46pm), which was a good job really on the basis that the walk took an age – some of these US airports are ridiculously big!

It’s now 5.30pm, and I’m sat writing this on the plane to Atlanta, where we should land in about 45 minutes. The weather in Washington was cloudy with light rain, but as we’ve headed South the sunshine is just glorious, and the view from the plane window at 32,000 feet is just amazing.

I really enjoyed my time in Connecticut which is probably due to the fact that it’s a bit more like the UK than Atlanta. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to visit with my family, especially to attend a party at Tony’s beautiful house – we exchanged business cards, and I plan to keep in touch with him, so you never know!

By the time I get back to the Georgian Terrace it will be about 7.30pm, and given that the past few days of travelling is starting to take it’s toll, I think a night in the room and an early night is definitely on the cards. Tomorrow is my last day at SPI, so I’m going out for lunch with Jeff, Mary Ryan and Des, which will be a nice end to my trip.

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