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  • 28 Sep 2010

Rog Day 11

Jack and I headed off in the Tahoe just before 9am to have the follow-up meeting with the Childrenswear retailer that we had the Webex with last week. It was a glorious, sunny day, and the drive was a very pleasant one. At 10am we went into the meeting, where we spent an hour talking about Merret and how it could benefit their business. The meeting went very well, and we now have some follow up actions to undertake.

We headed into the next meeting at about 1.30pm, this time with a small department store retailer based in the north east. Again, the meeting went well, and the Merret and Infinity solutions were well received. The company revealed that the investment company that owned them were planning on selling the business at some point, so this is one that we’ll definitely keep a close eye on, and in touch with.

We celebrated our productive day with chicken wings and a cold beer, before heading to Dick’s Sporting Goods so I could buy my boys a baseball glove and ball, which I managed to find for both of them. Jack advised me to buy the softer, training balls, and I think that at some point in the very near future that advice will come in handy!

Jack dropped me back at the hotel where we said our goodbyes, as I’m heading back to Atlanta, this time via Washington. Jack is a great guy, and in the short space of time I’ve known him we’ve become good friends, and I’ll certainly be taking him up on his offer to visit him and his family in Chicago, this time with my family!

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