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  • 10 Dec 2010

Rockin’ Around Retail Assist

SnowmanWhilst many people in offices all over the country are currently sitting back and commencing ‘holiday eating’ – mince pies are an acceptable breakfast at this time of year…aren’t they? – Or else slinking into work hoping nobody will mention their debauched behaviour at the annual Christmas party the night before; this has traditionally been an exceptionally busy time of year for Retail Assist, due to the company’s clients being based in the retail sector.

The heightened volume of transactions that retailers have to fulfil in the run up to Christmas is hardly surprising.  The months of November and December make usually rational human beings attack the high street with a frenzy that wouldn’t seem out of place in battle. And although this blogger is writing from a seemingly detached viewpoint, I’ll admit that I’m not immune to present-buying hysteria – I found myself standing in the middle of a well-known fashion store during my lunch break the other day, having a minor panic attack over what to buy my teenage cousins.

But imagine if after finally making that difficult gift decision, I had been unable to actually buy the item in question because the retailer’s tills had broken down, and the Sales Assistant hadn’t known what to do? Not only would my panic have reached fever pitch – I’d have had to dash back to the office and found a present another day – but the store would have lost an all-important sale.  That’s where Retail Assist’s Help Desk come in; they can be on hand to support store systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They don’t stop working because Retail Assist’s clients don’t stop working, and the company’s job is to provide the best service possible, no matter what time of year it is.

Retail Assist are also partaking in some gift giving, whilst raising money for charity, and having plenty of festive fun. *Cheeky plug alert* if you’d like to donate a prize to the company’s annual charity raffle, it’s for a great cause – to help raise as much money as possible for Help for Heroes. Contact for more information.

Now, where did I put those mince pies?

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