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  • 12 May 2010

Retail Assist wins Crew2000 Merret supply chain and Service Desk contract

Retail Assist wins Crew2000 Merret supply chain and Service Desk contractCrew2000, a subsidiary company of Yorkshire-based Haddow Holdings plc, and a supplier of “intimate apparel” to high street retailers, has awarded a contract to Retail Assist for the supply of its Merret ERP solution and provision of an outsourced Service Desk. The new software solution and its associated services have recently gone live.

Explains Tristan Haddow, managing director of Haddow Holdings plc: “With our Crew2000 business primarily focused on wholesale supply, we wanted to facilitate direct trading with one of our most important clients, a leading health and beauty retailer. To achieve a more efficient way of supplying them with our swimwear, we needed a supply chain solution to provide MMS & WMS functionality. Typical functions being price and product setup, intake, initial allocation, pick by store, despatch to store, stock adjustments and replenishment.

Crew2000 has taken a version of Merret branded as “Out of the Box”, but only switched on the initial functionality that they require at day one. Explains Retail Assist’s product director, Nigel Illingworth: “This is an integrated merchandising and warehousing ERP system, pre-configured to meet the needs of medium-size and multi-channel retailers and allowing for fast deployment. It is a real-time, multi-outlet, multi-channel solution, covering all areas of stock control, retail supply and business intelligence. It has multi-currency and multi-country capabilities for international retail and is fully scalable.

In terms of services, Retail Assist has facilitated the setup of a VPN comms solution with Crew2000 and as for support, Retail Assist will provide Crew2000 staff with a Service Desk and problem-solving service for:

  • The Merret application
  • Interfaces to and from external parties and systems such as Crew2000’s incumbent wholesale system, STYLEman, including those interfaces which Retail Assist has developed
  • Hardware components housed in the Retail Assist Data Centre in Northampton

This level of support will work alongside the IT operations already in place in Haddow’s Bradford headquarters. The first point of contact for Crew2000 staff will be the Retail Assist Service Desk, who will manage all calls through to completion.

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