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  • 12 Aug 2013

Retail Assist, Pre-Digital Photography

With Retail Assist now in its 15th year , we’ve been doing some reminiscing. Thanks to a drawer full of pre-digital camera photography we were able to dig out some old snapshots of both our old offices, and of the people that worked there – embarrassing for those that are still on the team. Here are a few that we’ve been allowed to share.

Retail Assist has come a long way in its 14 years, and with the likes of Cath Kidston, Oasis and Morrisons Nutmeg on the books, is set to only get bigger. As we celebrate our 15th year we all feel lucky to work in  such a diverse and fast paced industry, and to have the opportunity to work alongside many of retails greats. We also feel grateful to those who made it possible, some of whom are pictured.

Here’s to many more years of success!

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