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  • 24 Jun 2015

Retail Assist launches Application Academy

Retail Assist Application Academy

Retail Assist has launched the Application Academy, a self-administered, online training and user support portal.

The App Academy, named in reference to its award-winning retail applications, is an e-learning tool for retailers to manage their own learning and development, maximising the operational benefits of using their applications for greater business profitability.

All members of the business, from the shop floor to senior management, can take over 70 learning modules for a complete education across all aspects of Retail Assist’s applications portfolio. After taking a course, either online, on mobile, or tablet, users are then assessed to provide a standard level of compliance. The App Academy therefore ensures greater operational efficiency in the staff base, preventing costly mistakes.

72% of companies who were surveyed[1] recently stated that e-learning helps them to keep up to date with changes in their industry, which helps them to remain competitive. Given that the pace of technology change is faster than ever, retail training must therefore be viewed as an investment in the long-term prosperity of the business, and not just a cost.

In addition, the typically high rate of retail staffing turnover means that the App Academy is a great tool for inducting new starters. It’s estimated that 25% of retail employees leave their job simply because there aren’t enough learning or training opportunities, a statistic that Retail Assist’s App Academy helps to challenge.

Retail Assist’s Executive Chairman, Alan Morris, comments on the company’s latest business development, and the decision to advance its educational support offering: “Learning is an iterative process, which is especially true for technology. In the form of the App Academy, we’re providing a long term platform to make retail operations more efficient, through a cost effective model that reduces ongoing support costs.”

“We wanted to give our customers the best way to become experts in their field. We’re passionate about our retail technology, and want them to develop the most productive understanding of it to harness the operational efficiencies of their staff base, and drive better business processes.”

One of Retail Assist’s customers is currently trialling the product; their Head of IT commented, “The App Academy will play a great part in the induction process, as well as a refresher for existing teams. Even our expert testers learned some new Merret features.”

The online platform is intuitive and simple; optimised for convenient on-the-go learning to increase retention rates. Users of the App Academy can further their education at a time and pace that suits them, accessed when and where they need it, and only that part of the course that they need – rather like omnichannel learning, for omnichannel retailing.

Gary Broughton, Chief Operating Officer of Solutions at Retail Assist, explains the benefits of the new platform; “If you want to build confidence amongst staff and management that your retail systems are operated in the most productive way, the App Academy is the most beneficial way to do so, decreasing training costs by an average of 75% whilst improving performance, and making your support model leaner.”

For more information about the App Academy, visit its dedicated webpage here, or talk to one of our experts on 0115 8533910.





[1] In a study conducted by Bersin & Associates

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