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  • 3 Dec 2012

Retail Assist awarded ISO20000

Retail Assist awarded ISO20000Following a recent audit Retail Assist have again successfully achieved the BSi ISO mark, attaining the standard for the new release of the ISO20000 accreditation across the company as a whole. ISO20000 is the recognised IT Service Management Standard that enables businesses to consistently deliver services to a high standard, and is the only standard that confirms ITIL conformity.

Dan Smith, Managed Services Director at Retail Assist, said: “This is a recognised ‘gold standard’ accreditation, and Retail Assist was the first retail-only IT services provider to achieve it. We are very proud of the entire team, each person of which was needed to make this possible. Although many businesses achieve this level of certification, many only do so for parts of their business – Retail Assist has achieved it across the entire company, which is a real credit to every one of us.”

The Retail Assist team was first awarded ISO20000 in 2008, and is set for their second re-certification in 2013. Each accreditation lasts 3 years, with 2 audits a year.

Dan Smith concludes: “Everyone that works at Retail Asst works hard to make this gold standard accreditation possible. We see ISO20000 as an endorsement of our ITIL processes, technology, and people, and believe that its framework will help support the continuous improvement and growth of Retail Assist as a whole.”

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