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  • 4 Jul 2011

Results of Retail Assist’s Multichannel Survey

Available at www.sxc.huWe recently surveyed our internal team at Retail Assist to find out what their current multichannel shopping habits are, alongside future intentions. Although I can testify that the Sales and Marketing team tend to be a nosy bunch who enjoy asking lots of questions, the research did have an important purpose – to provide valuable insight for our many retailer clients.

Interestingly, even though there are now a multitude of channels to choose from, we found that stores currently still have the highest level of purchase. However when we asked how respondents saw themselves using the different channels in a years time, the most common answer was the internet at 55.2%, stores at 41.8% and mobile internet at 3%. This demonstrates the potential changes which lie ahead for retailers.

Whilst there are regular stories in the press about new concepts such as 90 minute delivery, it seems that Retail Assist staff are bargain hunters, so the most likely option to influence their online purchase was ‘free delivery’, whether this be to their home or office.

As keen bloggers (evidently) tweeters (@RetailAssist and @Merret_Ra) and Facebook users (, we were also keen to see what percentage of respondents used social media for researching retail deals. 10% admitted to currently doing this, so this channel remains a potential growth avenue for many retailers. Currently, the fastest growing segment of Facebook users are those in the 35 year plus age bracket, therefore the use of social media increasingly becomes an option for targeting a wider audience.

Different channels also seem to be being used for making different types of purchase. Food/drink were the most frequently purchased items from stores at 53.5%, the internet was used most regularly to purchase electrical items with 21.7% of respondents using this channel, and catalogue used most frequently to purchase clothing at 44%. So on their way home from the office, Retail Assist staff seem to be stopping off at a store to buy their dinner, eating this, then sitting to back to either leaf through a catalogue for a new outfit, or surf the net for a gadget.

Finally, with social media stores, m-commerce and ecommerce growing, channels such as catalogue appear to be in decline. For more detail on this, and indeed all of the above points, please visit where you can download the full research report for free.

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