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  • 30 Jun 2014

Ra-X: Global Data Exchange, Retail Communications & Polling Solution

Ra-X is our data exchange software solution for today’s global omnichannel world. Currently our Ra-X software supports over 3,300 stores throughout 62 countries and trades with 66 different partners, including; Harrods, House of Fraser, El Corte Ingles, John Lewis, Bloomingdales and Selfridges, just to name a few.

Our Ra-X customers include; Coast, Oasis, Warehouse, Paperchase, Cath Kidston, East and Karen Millen, and they benefit from seamless data exchange between many systems enabling retailer’s to link seamlessly and effectively with their trading partners, across company owned stores, concessions, standalone stores and franchises, globally. This allows easy data interchange with partner systems, dealing with issues relating to data formatting, territories and time zones.


Ra-X cuts through the complexity of non-standardised systems in numerous retailing outlets ensuring data integration and set-up is fast and efficiently enabling you to handle your business effectively.

Robin Coles, our Head of Product Strategy comments; “Ra-X is secure, scalable and easy to use. It supports ambitions for expansion with minimum risk and cost as it doesn’t require any hardware or software, capital outlay, or increase in IT headcount, also reducing the requirement on excel spread sheets, and work-arounds which can often be problematic and incorrect. Retail Assist manages the service 24×7 with full back up and disaster recovery.”

Our Ra-X service is utilised to ‘exchange’ data with stores on a global scale, for processes and services such as payroll data, currency conversions, stock movements and software rollouts across disparate locations. In addition the accuracy and availability of stock has become a key factor in our customers’ environments to support todays omnichannel trading.

Ra-X is delivered through tablet devices provides offline in-store inventory functionality that enables you to carry out the inventory processes in front of the goods, whether that is on the shop floor, or in the stock room. This eliminates the costly manual process and enables you to process inter branch transfers, receive stock from the warehouse, progress write on/off transactions and undertake a stocktake.

Simply put Ra-X is a fully scalable solution that allows you to gain sales and stock movements with accuracy and timeliness, thus resulting in more profitable and successful trading relationships. It ensures all data is effectively monitored providing a smooth and reliable service, flagging errors quickly and efficiently to solve discrepancies before they become an issue. Also helping to minimise risks Ra-X means Retail Assist’s purpose built 24-hour Data Centre ensures your essential data is received, processed and despatched through a secure, environmentally controlled facility, with 24/7 monitoring, full back up and disaster recovery.

If you are interested in our Ra-X data exchange then please visit our website: or contact us via email: or telephone: +44 (0) 115 853 3910.

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