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  • 11 Jul 2011

Quiz: What kind of shopper are you?

Image available at www.sxc.huFor anybody feeling left out at not taking part in our internal Multichannel Survey (see for more details) I’ve devised the following ‘just for fun’ quiz that you can take to determine your shopping style:

1) You’re at the office and get invited to an event that evening. Realising that you don’t have time to go home after work, you decide to buy a new outfit during your lunch break. Do you:

a) Take a trip to your local high street, visit a couple of different stores before settling on something you like.

b) Use your lunch break to surf the web, find a suitable outfit, reserve it online and go directly to that store to pick it up on your way to the event.

c) Use the mobile app for your favourite store that you already have installed on your smartphone to pick an outfit. Purchase it via mobile web and opt for a 90 minute delivery option so that it arrives at your office well before the event.

2) You’re in the supermarket, about to pay for a basket of goods. Do you:

a) Opt for the cashier operated checkout, it’s nice to get a bit of human interaction, and the self-service checkouts never seem to work for you.

b) Opt for the cashier operated checkout or the self-service checkout, whichever has the shortest queue.

c) Opt for the self-service checkout, they’re simple to use and you’re in too much of a hurry to chat.

3) You receive poor service in a particular store. Do you:

a) Telephone their customer services department and eventually give up because their hold music is exceptionally annoying.

b) Spend some time crafting a suitably critical email, send it to the retailer’s head office and await a response.

c) Use your various social media accounts to inform your connections and followers about your bad experience and warn them never to use that store again.

4) Regarding loyalty cards, you’re of the opinion that:

a) They’re an ok idea in theory, but you don’t have any because you’re anxious about giving out your personal details to companies.

b) They’re great for saving money, and you own them for all of your favourite stores with loyalty schemes.

c) They’re a waste of space in your purse / wallet. You’d far prefer to download a promotional voucher to your mobile phone if you wanted money off a particular item.

5) When it comes to sales, you are swayed to make a purchase:

a) If it’s on the first day of the promotion. You don’t mind queuing up to get in the store, as long as it means that you get the outfit you want. If you leave it until later there’s always a chance your size or selected style will have sold out.

b) Online. You like the discount, but not battling with other shoppers to take advantage of it.

c) If you have been given a special promotional code on a retailer’s social media site. You like to feel that you are getting more of a discount than other shoppers.

Mostly As: You’re a ‘Traditional Shopper’

You carry on shopping in the way that you always have because it continues to work for you. The ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality is fair enough, but by exploring other channels you could pick up some great deals.

Mostly Bs: You’re a ‘Best of Both’ Shopper’

You try to make shopping as easy as possible for yourself, whilst still hunting down a bargain. To do this, you use a number of different channels, from visiting traditional bricks and mortar stores to utilising the latest technology.

Mostly Cs: You’re a ‘Tech-Savvy Shopper’

You like to stay ahead of the latest technology trends, and are the person your friends and family turn to for technical advice. This is something to be proud of, but be careful not to limit your retail interaction to an online checkout icon – sometimes you can’t beat the customer service found on your local high street.

Did you get mostly As, Bs or Cs, and do you agree with that description of your shopping style? Please feel free to post your comments below.

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