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  • 20 Jan 2014

Personalisation of the Omnichannel Journey

We have seen a continuing and very influential increase in technology, facilitated by an omnichannel approach to retailing that makes it much easier to shop, via multiple channels. Retailers must remember that the omnichannel approach must be backed up by personalisation and core business values.

In the last decade digital technology has given retailers the ability to forge a personal relationship with customers, enabling an increased understanding of what customers want, how they shop, their stage in life, tastes, habits and so on.  Retailers have also noted the value it can bring to an ecommerce business.

It is apparent that personalisation is already beginning to shape the retail landscape, but there are still some stumbling blocks to overcome.   eCircle research reveals that 77% of the top 50 retailers in the UK are failing to personalise their email marketing to existing and potential clients.  With email being a fundamental personalisation strategy it is surprising that it’s used so little as a way to personalise customer experience.

A personalisation strategy that is not done correctly will result in confused consumers, and lost revenue. If, for example, a man buys some shoes for his daughter and subsequently gets sent future products based on this purchase, it results in an inappropriate pairing which is not relevant for that individual, but also, potential lost custom.

Personalisation, when done right, meets all the challenges, by correctly identifying visitors and targeting them with content that is more likely to engage them and to spur on a purchase.  Delivering relevant product offers and personalised content to customers is how relationships can be established, giving customers what they want and putting them in control.

Even with a great personalisation strategy, an interactive website and good mobile optimisation, if the basic principles and company values are forgotten customers simply won’t return.  Whether your approach is about, a high level of service, exceptional quality, years of experience in the sector or any other positive business attributes, it’s imperative that you don’t lose that initial key component that attracted customers to you in the first place.

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