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Merret’s Warehouse Management System (WMS), is rich in operational functionality that makes running your warehouse a slick and performance orientated process. At its core, our WMS ensures that throughput of stock is truly optimised, at minimum cost, and with maximum accuracy, from intake to despatch.


Benefits of using Merret WMS include:

  • Second-accurate stock information held in the warehouse, with real time visibility of its exact location.
  • Fully integrated supplier management system (SMS) allows greater operational and financial control over suppliers and 3rd parties.
  • For general warehouse and stock maintenance, Merret offers full audit, ad hoc stock checking, low/empty bin checking, and cycle counting.
  • Pick accuracy checking for improved stock accuracy.


Once a supplier appointment has been scheduled, at any point in time everyone across the business has visibility of the Stock in Progress status.

  • Merret’s optional 2 stage intake process (checking and putaway) offers the ability to carry out intake checking, with integrated Quality Control measures for efficient handling of stock.
  • Merret has options to begin picking items straight from the point of delivery: stock can be sold on your shop floors on the same day.
  • Our integrated supplier management systems runs throughout the intake system, allowing for greater supplier monitoring. This control and capture of information is unique within Merret’s WMS, and integrates supplier performance measures across all aspects of delivery including quantity and quality. Integrated financial calculations provide options for counter-charging as appropriate.
  • Optional tolerance thresholds can be set by Buying & Merchandising, setting guidelines for the warehouse staff during intake to improve accuracy and supplier control. Stock discrepancies are also prevented.

Intake checking and putaway can be carried out on an RF gun or screen.


Merret Warehousing provides Hand Held Terminal/RF gun functionality that covers processes for all retailing channels.

  • Pick calendars can be created for different stores, to optimise efficiency.
  • Pick areas can be specified to include secure areas for valuable items.
  • Sku picking and cross-docking is supported, which is essential to despatching stock quickly.
    Items are picked into cartons that are viewed individually, allowing for more efficient deliveries and the ability to merge cartons. This optimises the use of space, saving time and money.
  • Omnichannel picking offers the flexibility to pick multiple orders at once with sortation options.
  • Merret WMS allows you to set up multiple warehouses, and as standard comes with 3 virtual warehouses for returns, damages, and charity.


Once picking/packing has been completed, Merret offers options for in-house logistics, or will interface to your chosen carrier, or delivery management system: Merret is fully integrated with Metapack. Full tracking information is visible in real time, as soon as the product has left the warehouse.

Whilst Merret offers a complete warehousing system, we understand that you may already have logistics partners, who use their own systems. To cover this, Merret also integrates to a number of 3rd party WMS software providers.


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