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Merret Analytics

Transform data into dynamic insight for better business decisions


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Merret Analytics

Merret Analytics is an actionable retail analytics tool, transferring data into insight, enabling retailers to readily discover meaningful patterns in their data to describe, predict and improve their business performance.

Analytics enables you to explore current trading trends as and when they happen, and review the impact on sales performance when you undertake a promotional activity. For example:

  • Have you done enough to encourage the customer to buy, or do you need to do more?
  • What is the impact on stock – will the sale rate mean you clear stock levels within the time frame you need to?
  • Alternatively, have you reduced the item too far – is it completely destroying your margins?

There are many more examples where business performance analysis, via Merret Analytics, can have a major role to play.

merret analytics


  • Adds significant value to the rich transactional data already held in Merret through analytics, by pulling it out into simple, relevant templates and reports
  • Developed as a simple Microsoft Excel plugin, based on Excel’s advanced pivot table functionality, its ease of use adds a benefit to current business processes with a high level of adoption and faster learning
  • From the moment you are connected, Merret Analytics allows immediate access to timely and accurate sales data
  • Enables key strategic decisions to be made in a timely fashion by acting on the most current information, delivering greater business profitability
  • Read-only reports are optimised for fast retrieval, increasing speed of data visibility
  • An elementary stepping stone into analytics: a low-cost and accessible solution
  • SaaS model means no hardware capital outlay and a maintained, dependable solution

You can also use our managed IT services to keep your business running smoothly, whether you need to completely outsource your IT to us or just make use of one of our managed services.

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