Our Data Exchange Solution



Data Exchange Solution

The efficient transfer of varying data across multiple systems, often globally, is a challenge faced by many retailers. Many are using complex spread sheets and complicated work-arounds to analyse data. This can be very time consuming, and often lead to data-inaccuracy. We have developed a cost effective solution to deliver operational advantages and reliability of data.

Ra-X is our data exchange software solution set up to manage the transfer of business critical data between our customers, their trading locations, their trading partners and their suppliers across the UK and overseas. Ra-X is a “Cloud” solution providing customers with a low cost, and high dependency solution to a significant business operation.

Ra-X is built for todays’ global omnichannel world. Retailers have the need to transfer business critical data. Whilst this is a complex, yet significant area of any retailers’ business operation, Ra-X simplifies this process and makes it more efficient. It allows retailers to trade wherever and whenever they can, across multiple territories, with multiple partners, in multiple time zones.

With no standards in place relating to data formats or the underlying business processes, retailers are using Ra-X to manage this complexity and gain uniformity without a significant increase in cost.

Ra-X integrates to multiple merchandising systems, already being used by most of the leading systems used by retailers today. It is enabling retailers to trade more effectively with their global trading partners, across company owned stores, concessions, standalone stores and franchises. It allows easy data interchange with partner’s systems, dealing with issues relating to data formatting, territories, time zones and pricing.

Benefits of Ra-X

  • All data sets are effectively monitored to ensure a smooth and reliable service globally, working to flag errors and miscommunication of data, in order to quickly and efficiently solve discrepancies before they become an issue.
  • More profitable and successful trading relationships, with existing and future partners across the world. Information received will be transformed into the correct format, sent to your trading system and used to make key strategic decisions.
  • Ra-X is a cloud based solution provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), which means no capital outlay, no hardware or software costs and no increase in IT headcount.