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  • 29 May 2014

Our 15th Birthday Sing Song

As you may be aware from some of our recent #15YearsofRA blogs we are rapidly approaching our 15th Birthday. We have a number of events coming up in order to celebrate the occasion but we also wanted to organise something a bit different, a memorable experience that could reflect what we do.

After some thought we decided to become singer/songwriters and record our own song. We have adapted the classic Beatles hit ‘Help’ to reflect the services we offer through our Help Desk.

Blog 1(Picture from left to right: Emily Boaler, Jack Morris, Alex Broxson, Jaye Taylor and Danielle Wathey.)

After rallying troops from the Help Desk, writing the lyrics and having a practice, we made our way to Rofl Studies in Nottingham to record our song.

Blog 2

The Help Desk provides international language support, and Emily is one of our multi-lingual call analysts, who added her international flair to the song:

“I speak English, French, Italian and Spanish, so I know how important and beneficial our customers find our international language support is. I thought that by adding in some (very limited) use of languages at the beginning of the song and using some of my Spanish fans and a French beret (modelled by Alex) as props in the video it would be a fun way to demonstrate our international support.”

Blog 3(Picture from left to right: Emily Boaler, Jack Morris, Alex Broxson, Jaye Taylor and Danielle Wathey.)

From start to finish everyone was fully committed to the project and thoroughly enjoyed it. We certainly had ‘face ache’ from laughing so much, and singing! Danielle commented,

“I loved taking part in recording the song; I enjoyed it so much I even took my lyrics home to practice. It was a memorable experience that I think really helps to portray our Help Desk services.”

When I spoke to Jack about his involvement in the song he said,

“As the only boy in the group I was definitely the lead when it came to all the lower notes, not that there was much competition from the girls. I really enjoyed the experience and we definitely had many laughs along the way.”

After some slight re-tuning I think it would be fair to say we were all pretty pleased with the results, although it is important to mention that no cats were harmed in the making of this recording!

Overall it was a really great experience and we have definitely created something memorable for our 15th Birthday. Alex added,

“We all found it to be a really fun experience and had a great laugh together, that’s what it was all about, getting together, having fun, and doing something a bit different.”

I think it’s also important to mention another key member in our team, Rae Hayward, Head of Human Resources. Without her there would be no video, so we would like to say a missive thank you. After talking to Rae about creating our Help Desk video she said,

“I really enjoyed putting the video together and I now know the song off by heart. I must admit I did have a bit of a giggle looking through some of the pictures and everyone’s opening scenes on the video.”

So if you fancy listening to something to also make you smile, laugh and generally brighten (we hope) up your week click here to listen to our song, and let us know what you think! If you want to know more about our 15 years in business click here to see all of the ‘15 Years of Retail Assist’ Interview blogs as well.

To keep up to date with all the latest news from The Help Desk follow us on Twitter: @TheHelpDeskInt or visit our website:

Blog 4(Twitter: @TheHelpDesk_Int #StudioSelfie)

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