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  • 4 Feb 2013

NRF 2013 – Combining the physical and digital in-store experience

One of the final technologies to impress me at NRF ‘13 was display units that combined physical and digital in-store experience – I came across two suppliers for this solution.

How this worked: Effectively a physical product was held within a cabinet fronted with a clear glass screen.  While the product was inside this display unit, the glass front allowed for digital information to project on to the screen.  This projection could show anything, but may be best used to show additional information about the product, wider products within the range, and complimentary products that may go with the solution.  It also has the ability to show visual patterns and video content in order to attract a customer’s attention.  The options are endless, and it ultimately remains with the retailer to decide what the most effective use of content would be.

For me personally, a luxury handbag within the display cabinet caught my attention.  What I actually looked at was the look book alongside the handbag, which was projected on to the glass screen in front of it.  Using this tool I could also look at other handbags in the range and additional information.

Whilst I’m not suggesting this type of solution is relevant for every retailer, in the luxury goods market it may well be an exciting way to create additional interest and theatre in store.

You can take a look at the solution in action here:

Have you seen this technology previously? Or is this something that might be relevant for you as a retailer?

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