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  • 9 Sep 2013

New York Fashion Week

Having worked in close capacity with well-known retailers for the past 14 years, we can’t help but be interested in what it is that inspires some of our favourite looks, and often find ourselves asking the following questions: “Just who was it that decided that the 90’s were both ‘cool’ and (and this one pains us) ‘vintage’?”  “Who decided that bringing back double denim ala Britney and Justin circa 2001 was a good idea?” Who exactly convinced us that Uggs were a really good look?”

All of these questions and more (“What makes Anna Wintour crack a smile?” “Whatever happened to feather boas?” “Why were feather boas ‘in’ in the first place?”) are things we will ask ourselves as we work away on the IT systems that keep many of Britain’s retailers running smoothly. While we don’t, sadly, have the answer to any of these groundbreaking ponderings, we do like to keep our eye on what might find ourselves wearing in the coming months, and what our IT systems and support might be helping our clients to sell – which brings us to New York Fashion Week.

Here are our favourite looks so far:
Left: Zac Posen. We can see this look inspiring a collection at Coast
Right: Victoria Beckham. A classic piece with a twist, perfect for any weekend wardrobe
Left: DKNY. Because you can’t beat really comfortable street style
Right: Prabal Gurung.  We love the bright colours shown in this particular collection. After all, no-one really likes to blend in…

… an idea that leads us to this, perhaps our favourite part of Fashion Week, the street style. Check out those Barbie head shoes, we can’t agree on if they’re chic or freak(y). You decide.
Have you been paying attention to Fashion Week coverage? What do you think so far?

Images via Telegraph and New York Magazine

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