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  • 5 Mar 2012

Mobile saves the… jacket!

A few weeks ago I experienced for myself how amazing mobile shopping can be. Our regular blogger, Ellie will no doubt already be laughing at me as she reads this, as she knows how much I love my technology, but m-commerce is exactly what inspired me to write this blog.

At the time my partner was away in St Anton, Austria enjoying the après ski in a bar, and checked his Reiss jacket into the cloakroom. Later that night he handed in his cloakroom ticket to collect the jacket and found out that it had been lost. Now, my partner has a history of similar misdemeanours (losing jackets, leaving irons on, leaving the house unlocked, forgetting to put the handbrake on the car when parking on our sloped driveway etc) so I was a little hesitant in believing that ‘the bar’ had lost his jacket based on his track record! However before a blog is written about me and the things I’ve previously lost, I’d like to point out that I’m not denying ever doing anything similar…

Returning the next day, still with his cloakroom ticket, my fiancé spoke to the bar owner who said that the jacket was definitely gone, but if my partner could provide him with the receipt after buying a new jacket, he would refund the money. Knowing full well that this was never going to happen once my fiancé had left the resort, I felt on a personal mission to replace the Reiss jacket and get the money back, as I was the one who had bought it for him in the first place.

At the time of the lost jacket incident I was still in the UK but away at a friends house in Newcastle, so armed with nothing but my iPhone and bank card, I got on to the Reiss website on my phone. Sure enough, I found the coat – as even more of a bonus, it was in the sale. So after sending the link to the coat via ‘WhatsApp’ (an instant free messaging service app for iPhones) to my partner to double check it was the right one, I was able to proceed. I got it ordered, in the correct size, and colour, and arranged delivery to our house.

As usual the email confirmation and e-receipt instantly arrived in my email inbox on my smartphone, which I forwarded on to my fiancé in Austria, so he could then pick it up on his iPhone. So that same afternoon, he walked to the bar where they had lost his coat, showed the manager the receipt on his phone, and managed to collect 120 Euros to refund the cost of the lost item, all thanks to the mobile shopping channel.

This story demonstrates one of the benefits of the mobile channel in its ability to transmit information simply and seamlessly around the globe. Has a particular shopping channel saved the day for you… or even saved your future marriage?! Please post your comments below or email

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