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  • 18 Jul 2011

‘Merret’ – a name with added fizz?

Available at the Marketing team, we’re used to keeping an eye on any mentions of Retail Assist and our associated products and services in the industry press and on social media sites. Recently however, we’ve noticed a peak in references to ‘Merret’, which is the name of our end-to-end integrated supply chain solution.

Whilst the number of Merret implementations is growing year on year and our client list reads like a who’s who in retail:, the recent surge in internet searches is for a very different reason…

The term ‘Merret’ has hit the press because it has been put forward as a potential generic name for British sparkling wine in honour of the English scientist Dr Christopher Merret; who is credited with helping to invent champagne in the 16th century.

A re-brand has been called for, because whilst Italy has Prosecco and Spain has Cava, British wine manufacturers do not have a catchy name for their sparkling produce. Another suggestion that has been put forward is ‘Britagne’ pronounced ‘brit-an-ye’.

Let it not be said that there are any sour grapes (groan) from Retail Assist regarding the temporary upstaging of our solution covering all aspects of stock control, retail supply and business information. In fact I’d like to take this opportunity to declare myself a big fan of sparkling wine!

So, without wanting to rip off Compare the Market / Compare the Meerkat’s genius marketing campaign too much: if you want British sparkling wine please visit: (other suppliers are available). However if you’re a retailer who wants a solution designed for multichannel, multi-currency, and multi-language retailing, please visit our Merret page. Simples.

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