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  • 30 Nov 2006

Making easy work of store system selection

Store Systems

The right Store System can positively impact a retailer’s growth, competitiveness and financial health. Whilst operating in the front-office of the shop floor, today’s Store Systems co-exist with, populate and often drive back-office processes.

They are a pivotal part of the supply chain and, as the source of sales data, directly affect stock control and replenishment.

Whilst retailers are often slow to replace and upgrade Store Systems because they fear the impact of change, they cite them as a key technology purchase. This point is emphasised in the Martec IT in Retail 2006 Survey, which once again identifies Store Systems as the top IT investment priority for a research base of 100 UK retailers.

Using both their recent retailer research and in-house experience of selecting and managing Store Systems, retail IT outsourcing specialist Retail Assist has produced an Executive Guide.

This details the issues to consider and the approaches which can lead to successful system selection and use.

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