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  • 7 Oct 2013

London Film Festival

There are two reasons we love film festivals: the glamour, and the excuse to eat copious amounts of popcorn in front of a really good movie.  This week, we are being given an excuse to enjoy both of those things, as the London Film Festival comes to town, and one of the cinemas we support – Vue West End – holds host to an array of exciting new works.

Over 11 days, from the 9th – 20th October, the festival will share 235 feature films and 134 short films from 57 countries around the world. While not all of the films will be shown at Vue West End, many will, so our help desk team is on standby to quickly amend any issues that may arise.

The Retail Assist help desk team is fully trained to work alongside Vue cinema 24/7, 365. With many procedures in place, issues are dealt with quickly and effectively. When events such as the London Film Festival are taking place, the helpdesk team are alerted that every call made from the affected cinema (in this case Vue West End) is to be treated as high priority. As such, we have a team on standby to respond immediately to all cases, no matter how seemingly minor. Even if an issue would be treated as low priority on a regular day, the extra demand and importance of the event taking place increases the priority of the call. This allows the cinema in question to operate without worrying that the extra pressure may lead to something going wrong.

We’re very excited to be supporting our client through the festival, and are looking forward to taking in a movie or two when we’re not busy offering our services.

We recommend watching: Kill Your Darlings
For more information on the film festival: Festival Information
For more information about Vue West End:Welcome to Vue West End
To learn more about how we support Vue cinema on a day to day basis: Vue Entertainment outsources IT Support and Service Management to Retail Assist
Something else exciting?Celebs to look out for

Will you be attending the festival this year?

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