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  • 14 Oct 2013

International Shopping Trends

Working within retail on an international basis, and adapting to all of the different traditions within retail worldwide, is both challenging and extremely interesting. We are proud to support retailers all over the globe, and to have the capability to answer a number of our calls in the enquirer’s native language. With the internet came the chance to expand our knowledge and our client base, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. As a fun way to share a list of our language capabilities, we’ve put together a short list of retail fun facts from the capital city of each of the native countries of the languages we support. Feel free to add your own shopping knowledge, tips and traditions in the comments below, or by tweeting us @RetailAssist

We speak Italian. In Rome, designer bargains and fashion outlets are commonplace, especially to the west of Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori. Huge sales are usually held in January and July.

We speak Polish. In Warsaw, the best gifts to take home are amber, vodka and lard, according to

We speak French. In Paris, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées – with its designer shopping, cafes and art – is the place to be. It’s a great place to spend New Years Eve, too.

We speak Spanish. In Madrid, shops are open from 10am-10pm, with a mix of everything from international brands to local boutiques, selling shoes, food, wine, souvenirs, and just about anything else you can think of.

We speak Portuguese. In Lisbon, shopping is also a cultural experience, especially when visiting historic stores, according to Lisbon is Western Europe’s least expensive capital, so is a great place to bag a bargain.

We speak Mandarin. In Beijing, bargaining is the norm, and the phrase “Tai gui le” (too expensive) is one to learn before trying to shop.

We speak German. In Berlin, there is a mix of everything. You’ll find department stores, shopping malls designer shops, small handcraft manufacturers, flea and antique markets and bargain stores, all in one city.

We speak Hungarian. In Budapest, some of the most popular folklore products to take home are embroidered cloths, pillowcases and dolls dressed in Hungarian folklore costumes, according to

We also speak English, and have a team of highly trained retail specialists based in the UK. To find out more, visit our website.

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