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  • 22 Apr 2013

“How Do You Shop?” – The Final Instalment

For the third and final instalment of our ‘how do you shop?’ series we spoke to more inspirational bloggers.

This series of blogs has allowed us to learn a little more about the habits of bloggers within retail. From the sample of ladies spoken to we can conclude that when it comes to convenience, online shopping is king – especially during the sales seasons. High street shopping is preferable when unsure on sizing or in need of a day out, and mobile shopping hasn’t taken off just yet within the group we spoke to. High quality is important and can result in higher spend.  Product reviews can sway a decision, and click and collect can convert a high street shopper to an online shopper assuming the p&p is free.

The study has proven interesting to us and, we hope, will prove useful to retailers looking to discover the best way to speak to their customer base when the newest trend hits the shelves.

With a big thank you to everyone that got involved we bring you these final insights into the way a blogger shops, with links to visit the contributors websites should you be looking for a ten minute escape… (highly recommended)

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“I definitely have a love/hate relationship with shopping on the high street. Because I’m in town every weekend I always have a quick wander around, dodging the people with their millions of bags, and if there’s anything that catches my eye I’ll try it on, sometimes take a photo of it on my phone, and remember it for later.

“Since having a blog, I’ve become more reliant on reading reviews of products, seeing how other people wear items of clothing and, of course, have a little look elsewhere to see if I can find the same thing or a similar alternative for cheaper. With the likes of ASOS offering 25% off for poor old students like me every now and again and with free delivery and returns it definitely makes the whole shopping experience easier; without the whole bus trips and unnecessary Starbucks buying whilst wandering around town. I feel like online shopping has almost become too easy nowadays with £20 being taken from your purse with a simple click. Oops. Whether I’m having a lazy day or looking for something to distract me whilst doing work, it’s just always there. Painless and simple.”

Ellie, Ellie’s Favourite Things

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“I like shopping on my own, mainly so I can browse for as long as I like and try things on. I’m not very impulsive so I normally see something I like and then have a little think (go to another shop) and come back for the item.

“I tend to only buy things online if I can’t buy them in store, mainly because I hate paying for postage if I know it’s only down the road. Click and collect is a good compromise for this and online stores that offer free delivery are my first to go to.

“I absolutely love shopping on eBay but I think it’s the lure of the bargain and having to look for the thing you want, and I always look for the seller with free postage…”

blogs, blogger, how do you shop study, shopping study, retail study, elevator musik

“Ordering online is probably the way I shop most frequently. It’s easy, quick and can be done at any time of the day or night. There are no busy crowds or big queues, and your shopping is delivered straight to your door. I also love being able to compare prices on different websites, and using special discount codes which I often find through the brand’s Twitter or Facebook page. The only thing I don’t like about online shopping is that I can’t see the product up close or try it on before I buy. I hate the hassle of returning things through the post, so I tend to only buy clothes online from shops I’ve used before, or ones which offer in-store returns.

“Every couple of months I’ll have a wander down the high street so I can have a browse of what’s in the shops and try on different outfits. Some of my favourite high street shops, like Primark, don’t have online stores so I have to make the effort to go in and shop in-store. With those that do have online stores, I like to have a look on the website before I go shopping so I can keep an eye out for things I particularly like, or things I’m not sure would suit me so I can try them on first. Sometimes I’ll end up going home and ordering online anyway if I’ve got a particularly good discount code, or if I can’t find my size in-store!

“I don’t really use my phone to do much shopping, but recently I have started using the eBay app which is great. I love being able to scroll through all the search results quickly, and you can easily do it at the same time as watching TV. I actually find it easier to use than their website! Being able to add items to your wishlist is great as you can keep track of things you’d like to buy.”

Gillian, Elevator Musik

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