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  • 1 Apr 2013

‘How Do You Shop?’ Part 2.

At the end of January we contacted some of our favourite bloggers with one simple question – ‘how do you shop?’

We had a great response, delivering some real insight into the way some of our favorite bloggers choose to buy their outfits. Due to such a positive reaction to this post, and due to the valuable insight we feel this provides from a retail perspective, we decided to do a follow up, contacting more of our fashionable favourites to once again ask ‘how do you shop?’ Here is what they had to say.

“It’s hard being asked how I shop as I don’t just do it in one simple way. It all depends on things like time, budget and what it’s for. If my budget is low, I absolutely love charity shopping. You can find such gems in there if only you search for a little longer than you would in a normal high street shop.

I also love buying pieces and changing them up a little by shortening a skirt or adding studs to a collar. But this method takes time, so for those days where I want to have a little spend but only have an hour spare, I love online sale shopping.

My tip is to always click the ‘price – lowest to highest’ button, so that I can see the cheapest things first, and stop when I get to the maximum amount I want to spend. I will mostly do online shopping from my laptop but have occasionally bought things from my mobile and iPad. On those lucky days when I have a bit more money to spare and more time to shop, I love simply wondering round town, trying things on and matching up different items.

I like to go round all the shops before I purchase anything, in case I see something I like better later on. I’ll visit all the shops, then on the way back, go back into the shops where I saw items I loved and then purchase them. But sadly, being a student now results in nothing but window shopping and browsing online at things I wish I could afford!”

Alex, Bambella

“How do I shop? Well, I’m a bargain hunter. When I shop, I shop thrifty. When I hit the high street, I head straight for the sale racks because there is always a gem to be found, hiding amongst the clutter. Having worked half my life in retail, I know how far things are marked up and how quickly they’re then marked down. Because of that, I hardly ever pay full price. I suppose that makes me a retailer’s worst nightmare. I do have my ‘go to’ stores though, that I can count on in a crisis. I know the fit, I know the quality, and in those stores I will splurge and pay retail, because I know what I am getting.

Taking a risk online is different. Sure, it’s convenient at the time, but I’ve lost count at the times I’ve had to send stuff back; too big, too small, not as it was described. I’ve completely lost my faith in online shopping, except of course, for the marketplaces. eBay and Etsy are my security blankets. Pre-loved or handmade treasures are the most fun and inexpensive things to buy, and living in London, you can’t do that without a London price-tag.

So I guess that makes me a predictable shopper. or maybe a smart shopper? I hope to think the latter..”

Erica, Being Erica

“Monday is my shopping day (my main shopping day!) and I always find some excuse to end up in a town full of shops. I’m a real mix when it comes to shopping online and the high street. I prefer to buy on the high street, and that’s mainly because I’m a little impatient and get a buzz from taking my purchase home and without a doubt, ripping off the tags and trying it on! I do, however spend many evenings browsing through every single online site you can find, looking at what I can buy (and wondering why I’m not richer!).

I’ve actually cut down my spending lately, after last month treating myself to a designer blouse. Saving up, and buying a more expensive item has now made me appreciate them a little more and debate whether it’s better doing it this way than an every week shopping trip. I’m yet to decide which way is best. But for now, I can guarantee I won’t be coming home empty handed on Monday…!”

Katy, Little Winter

How do you shop? We have more insights coming soon. Don’t forget to have a read through the blogs of this weeks contributors, you’re in for a treat!

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