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  • 1 Sep 2014

Hobbycraft for Wedding Decorations – Guest Blog

Here at Retail Assist we are very pleased to welcome back our guest blogger Charlie. After her two previous and very successful blogs, we were delighted when she offered to blog for us for a third time.

Having previously blogged about finding the prefect bridesmaid dresses from Coast and must have wedding stationary from Paperchase, Charlie is back and this time talking about wedding decorations from our customer Hobbycraft. To read more of Charlie’s ‘Dainty Bride’ blogs visit her page by clicking here.

I’ve always thought that decorations can make or break a wedding. Choose something to reflect your personality, keeping the concept both personal and in keeping with the overall theme of your special day and the results will leave your guests amazed. Finishing touches are key to the overall effect of your decorations, you can go for a co-ordinated theme or a miss matched effect, whatever your style there are decorations out there to suit you and your groom.

I’ve recently started looking into different decorations and have been amazed with what Hobbycraft have to offer. I’m not really a ‘crafty’ person so hadn’t previously visited Hobbycraft but since I’ve been engaged, it’s my new favourite place! I’ll definitely continue going post wedding; I have seriously been bitten by the ‘crafting’ bug.

The good thing about Hobbycraft is that you can recreate amazing ideas that you’ve found on the internet or in magazines for a fraction of the price.

They have a ‘Wedding’ section online if you don’t fancy searching the shop, offering everything from Hen Party Supplies to Wedding Cake Decorations. All of their wedding items are listed together, very handy, and perfect for us lazy brides or those on a tight timescale.

Right so let’s get started…

Although this may look like a ‘Plain Metal Bucket’, (which it is) it’s so multi-functional, and at £1 each they’re a total bargain.

You can:

1. Use them as centre pieces by adding some lace around the outside and adding flowers inside.

2. Pop wedding favours in them for your guests.

3. They also provide a lovely way in which to store your confetti.

These are just a few suggestions, it’s up to you to get creative and make your wedding truly individual.


This ‘Wedding Post Box Birdcage’ is perfect for all you vintage lovers out there. Not only providing an alternative to the usual style of wedding ‘post box’, this is a delicate and pretty alternative and can even be personalised with space to write your new surname on the front.


I feel there’s a ‘bucket’ theme starting here…

These tiny buckets are amazing! You can get them in a variety of colours and are also available with heart and butterfly cut-outs. A perfect size for tea lights, they will look gorgeous in the evening when the main lights are turned down. Again at only £1 they definitely won’t blow the budget.


Who doesn’t love a bit of bunting? Again, like the mini buckets, they have a variety of colours and patterns available. Bunting is good to add to a large empty wall or even draped along the front of your top table.


Wicker hearts can be such a versatile decoration, hook them onto the aisle chairs/pews where the ceremony is taking place, even accessorising them with ribbon in a colour to match your scheme. You could link a few together to make you own unique bunting, or even give them to your guests as wedding favours.


Dream of a photo booth but can’t quite squeeze it into the budget? These props are just what you need to create your own. Find a room where it’s a little quieter, leave these props and a camera and wait and see what happens!!!


Signage is so important at a wedding and these blackboard signs are a great wedding staple. With their versatile nature they can be re-used and act as signs for everything from pointing guests to brides side/grooms side at the church to directions to the wedding breakfast the next morning. These little signs could not only save you time and money but also undue stress on the big day, confident in the knowledge that all your guests will easily be able to navigate around the venue.


…And there you have it! I have however merely scraped the surface on what Hobbycraft have to offer so make sure you pay them a visit for yourself!!

Thank you for reading


Dainty Bride xx

Thank you Charlie for your latest instalment, not only does this give everyone a great idea of what Hobbycraft have to offer but also gives readers some really great decoration ideas for their own big day.

Whilst on the subject of Hobbycraft there is still time to take part in the #BigPoppyKnit, the aim of which is to make 11,000 poppies to mark each of the 11,000 Nottinghamshire men who died during the Great War. If you fancy getting involved all poppies need to be donated to the Poppy Appeal by the 22nd October 2014. To read more click here.

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