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  • 29 Oct 2012

Halloween at Retail Assist

As it’s Halloween this week we plan on taking advantage of the latest scary films on offer, and thought we would dedicate our blog post to our client, Vue Cinema’s, and share what they have showing on the big night.

After a lot of thought, our top picks for the day are:

Retail AssistParanormal Activity 4
Continuing on from the second movie (but incorporating themes from the third –a prequel) Paranormal Activity 4 follows Katie, a possessed character last seen mercilessly killing her boyfriend, sister and brother in law, and kidnapping her nephew, Hunter. Katie’s whereabouts were unknown, until now. With new characters and a new family to focus on, Paranormal Activity 4 is just as scary as it’s predecessors and, in the words of Vue cinema, “is set to freak out a whole new generation of movie-goers.”

Another spooky movie based on ‘found footage,’ Sinister continues in the vein of such horrors as Paranormal Activity and Insidious (having been produced by the same person.) The story follows crime writer Ellison as he is forced to downgrade his family home and move into a house where the previous tenants were found hanged. Vue says: “Finding old films in the attic, it starts to look like the killings weren’t isolated incidents. Is there a serial killer at work or are the deaths the result of paranormal activity which seems to be targeted at children?”

Retail AssistHotel Transylvania
Last but not least, if you like the idea of a horror theme but don’t want to be scared out of your wits, animated comedy ‘Hotel Transylvania’ could be the perfect outing for you this Halloween. With a ‘U’ rating making this one good for an evening with the kids, Hotel Transylvania is set in a world of vampires and monsters, and focuses on vamp Dad Dracula trying to protect his daughter, Mavis, from humans by building a non-human only resort. However, according to Vue, “a human lad called Jonathan somehow infiltrates security and falls in love with Mavis. Can he convince Drac he’s a suitable boyfriend for Mavis or will Hotel Transylvania prove to be his final resting place?”

What are your plans this Halloween?

To find out more about our work with Vue, and how we support them on our 24/7 help desk, feel free to request a case study.

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