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  • 14 Mar 2016

Getting Personalisation Right

This week we wanted to share some interesting content we have seen on Twitter that caught our attention, from some of our favourite retail experts.

“When Does Up Close and Personal Become Too Close and Freaky?” is a discussion point we have been interested in recently. Retailers can focus so much on trying to grab your attention and create a personalised customer experience, that they completely miss the point and instead annoy you. Whether it be with targeted ads on your Facebook page, to greeting you by your name in the store. How much personalisation is too much?

We have noticed this topic crop up a number of times lately, for example, in a recent Retail Week discussion on store associates:
Retail Technology Tweets 1

Retail Technology Tweets 2

Retail Technology Tweets 3


The Retail Week debates are often hosted by Katie Barker, Creative Lead at Retail Week. In the #storeassociate discussion, we can see the conflicting opinions of the personalised retail experience. Although @ManhAssocUK states an important point that 49% of consumers would interact more with store associates if the experience was personalised, Katie Barker and Georgia Leybourne show their concern of the difficulty of keeping a personalised experience ‘cool’ and not ‘creepy’.

Miya Knights, Head of Global Technology Practice at Planet Retail, caught our eye with this Tweet where she seems to have experienced a bombardment of retailer ‘spam’ through email, suggesting that there is such thing as a step too far: too much direct Marketing, too much spam, too much “big data”.


Retail Technology Tweets 4

We are eager to see how the concept of personalisation in retail (in-store and online) will evolve through technology such as cognitive computing. Yet we’re staying wary of how retailers could jeopardise the relationship with their customers by trying too hard to engage with them on a personal level.

We will be releasing a video roundtable discussion, “When Does Up Close and Personal Become Too Close and Freaky” very soon. Make sure to keep an eye out for it on our Retail Technology Blog.

In the meantime, drop your comments in the below box or tweet us, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Featured Tweets:

  • Miya Knights, Head of Global Technology Practice at Planet Retail
  • Katie Barker, Creative Lead at Retail Week
  • @ManhAssocUK
  • Georgia Leybourne, International Marketing Director at Manhattan Associates



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