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  • 17 Sep 2018

Fix Your IT Issues Fast

Managed Services for Retail and Hospitality

Operating in a reliable manner and free from disruption is the cornerstone to any success in the retail world; those that manage it find themselves well placed to deal with the many other challenges the industry brings. With the help of Retail Assist, retailers can free themselves from the worries that sometimes surround technical issues, and focus their attention on other aspects of their business.

Help Desk Support

Retail Assist is proud of its award winning Help Desk team who give retailers and hospitality operators one single point of contact, should they encounter any IT difficulties within any element of their technical infrastructure. The expertise of the Help Desk staff means that operations can continue with minimum disruption. The IT Helpdesk Support, as well as Operations Support, operates like an extension of any business. The costs and hassle of employing staff directly is removed, and a proactive approach ensures that problems are identified and adapted to in advance and as often as possible. As it is a single point of contact, confusion between suppliers is avoided, and problems are managed right through to the point of resolution. Perhaps the most important aspect of the IT Helpdesk Support, is that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and in a variety of languages, meaning problems and issues don’t have to wait for standard office operating hours.

Technical Services

Alongside the IT Helpdesk Support and Operations Support Retail Assist provides, lies a multitude of Technical Services. Server Management and Installation covers all aspects of dealing with servers, from offering advice and recommendations as to what is most suitable for a retailer, to monitoring them whilst active, as well as preventing or solving any problems. In a similar manner the Network Management and Design services offered by Retail Assist make sure that communication lines are monitored and trouble free. This becomes especially important when viewed in the context of retail supply chains; any disruption in communication could lead to loss of revenue and customer satisfaction very swiftly. Retail Assist also handles all aspects of Wi-Fi Management; what usage is occurring, content being shared, and how data lines are performing.

Fix IT Issues Fast

Retail Systems Support

Taking advantage of Retails Assist’s expertise in the industry, Retail Systems Support runs alongside the IT Helpdesk and Operations Support to provide deep understanding and help within retail, particularly in the area of deploying technology. Thanks to the many good relationships Retail Assist has cultivated, recommendations can be made for certain products that will suit an organisation best, and costs can often be saved via cost negotiations. Full round the clock support is provided, and working with the Store Development aspects of Retail Assist, complete store openings, refits and closures can be tackled from beginning to end. 

What are the benefits of getting technical support from Retail Assist?

 As mentioned above, support is available 24 x 7 x 365 meaning that at no point will any problems be deferred to a later date. Any issues encountered are dealt with promptly and in full, providing reassurance and keeping retailers operating at their normal pace. Because Retail Assist takes a proactive and pre-emptive approach to problems, many things that could become issues are found in advance, meaning that operations are interrupted as infrequently as possible. A flexible approach, designed to work in conjunction with whatever practices a retailer has currently ongoing, means that Retail Assist adapts to any organisation, rather than the other way round, ensuring that a seamless integration occurs. Issues that can cause problems with IT or supply chains can be eliminated by an approach that doesn’t break up working routines, and guarantees a specialist approach to any technical issues encountered.

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