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  • 7 Nov 2011

FAQs – The Help Desk

Ellie: I’m here today with one of our Help Desk team leaders, Ellen Roberts, to ask her what the most common issue that clients call the Retail Assist support centre for assistance with is. Ellen, in your experience, what is the Help Desk’s most frequently asked question?

Ellen: I would say that the common issues vary according to the client and the type of system they use within their organisation. The majority of questions clients ask the Help Desk are mostly regarding hardware, such as the till and its peripherals, e.g. how to reset / re-start them and where to re-seat / place cabling etc. It does appear that most customers do like to try and apply their knowledge to fix a problem themselves, as when we dial onto customers’ tills / back offices to apply fixes, they are always quite keen to know what caused the problem, how they can prevent it and the steps they can follow to fix it.

Ellie: In most circumstances – depending which systems the individual client is using – what is the typical fix or answer to this question?

Ellen: There is always the typical fix of “turn it off and wait 5 seconds” and re-try! But that aside, when trying to fix an issue, as a Help Desk we are always mindful of the impact that the issue is causing to the customer’s business and ability to trade, we endeavour to fix a problem as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption.

In terms of answering queries such as the scenarios detailed in the above question, we use our procedure database and test kits to the best of our ability to apply fixes to customers’ systems. The test kits are also extremely useful for the types of scenarios when customers are unable to power on their tills or locate a particular cable that requires checking or re-seating, as we are able to talk the customer through this by reviewing our test kit and identifying cables / sockets with the customer very easily.

Ellie: Thanks for that Ellen, I think that’s provided a good insight for our clients – or indeed other companies using a Help Desk facility – into some of the ways in which their technical problems may be resolved.

Are you supported by an IT Help Desk? Or do you work on the front line in a support centre? Do you agree with Ellen’s most frequently asked questions? Post your comments below or email

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