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  • 18 Apr 2011

Ellie’s Easter Egg Hunt

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Despite my Gran buying me a book of Cliff Richard’s favourite bible stories as a child (no joke) I have to say that my main interest in Easter for some years has been focused around confectionary. As such, I have compiled a list of the top 3 Easter eggs on offer from Retail Assist’s clients this year.

People who are shocked by my dismissal of the tales that Cliff so carefully selected will be reassured to hear that the egg symbol has significance within the Christian religion. It was adopted by Christians as a sign of rebirth, and therefore the resurrection of Jesus. More secular readers or those with different beliefs should still be able to appreciate the mouth-watering content of this blog, so without further ado and in no particular order my selected eggs are:

1) The Harvey Nichols Chococo ‘Heavenly Honeycombe’

Handmade milk chocolate mixed with chunks of honeycombe and decorated with edible gold anybody? This has to be the last word in decadent. Weighing in at 175g, this egg is great for those with strong wills who can prevent themselves from eating the entire thing in one go… unfortunately that is not a description of this blogger. Therefore it may be safer for me personally to opt for smaller eggs, for example:

2) The Selfridges Rococo ‘Praline Quails Eggs’

These are nearly as decadent as the last egg, but just a little bit more delicate. Also because there are 12 small eggs I would be able to share these with friends and family, including my poor Gran whose present choice was so ungratefully received. However as these look delicious, it’s unlikely that they will last long amongst my loved ones, so it would be quite nice to have a lasting reminder such as:

3) The Paperchase ‘Easter Rabbit Decorative Egg’

This adorable egg is illustrated with cute little bunny rabbits – how could anybody reisist? There’s also handy space inside for stashing trinkets.

Have you been tempted by any of the above eggs? Post your comments below.

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