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  • 20 Jul 2015

Customer Engagement Powered By Retail Assist

Our Help Desk is the hub that powers customer engagement with big name brands 24×7, across the globe. On a typical day out, see how your customer experience is supported in different retail and hospitality outlets, with our “Big Day Out” infographic:


Retail Assist Infographic Your Big Day Out with Retail Assist Help Desk


We play a behind-the-scenes support role for all the brands featured, to ensure that their IT systems are supported to enable them to provide the best experience for their customers. Across the various touchpoints in these stores (e.g. tills in bars, coffee shops, cinemas, retail stores; inventory management systems in retail stores; ordering systems in restaurants), our Help Desk has the expert knowledge to support them for optimum performance, and coordinate incident management when things go wrong, which is critical during busy periods.

And it’s not just everything you see on this page, as the journey goes beyond this. We like to think that by powering great customer engagement for brands across various business sectors, our support model enables brands to develop better relationships with more loyal customers. Recent research has shown that shoppers in particular go shopping to enjoy the end to end experience of the visit, rather than having a specific product in mind.

For example, say that in the Karen Millen store pictured in our Day Out roadmap (we even support their stores in Europe, in multiple languages), one of their till systems went down, consider the impact that this might have in-store for keen shoppers. Queues, stressed staff, and a bad payment experience. Sometimes enough to put a damper on the day out..

If you can’t recover quickly enough from till downtime, consider the size of the impact that this could have in relation to lost sales, by customers abandoning their baskets. Research reveals that the longer your customers spend queueing, the less likely they are to commit to making a purchase. A survey conducted for Barclaycard discovered that 40 per cent of us refuse to queue for longer than two minutes, and 51 per cent of shoppers refuse to even enter a store if they spy a queue. Our expert Help Desk call analysts work 24x7x365 to manage incidents like till downtime, resolve them as quickly as possible, and prevent them from reoccurring.

So, next time you grab a coffee, buy some new clothes, order pizza, watch a film, or go out for a drink, we might just be behind the scenes to make your big day out run smoothly.


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