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World Cup

  • 9 Jun 2014
The World Cup 2014 – Game On
It won’t just be Brazil that is set to profit from the World Cup, a survey of the great British public shows that UK businesses are set to be winners too. So have you got the perfect game plan in place? This year the World Cup is heading to Brazil and will mark the 20th World Cup tournament. Here at Retail Assist we are taking it very seriously, conducting our own sweepstake, with myself having picked out Bosnia and Herzegovina. However we are not leaving it there. We have tracked down a table football and are going to play out our own World Cup in the office, so come on Bosnia and Herzegovina! Our Help Desk has also been getting match fit too. With over 75% of adults in the UK set to watch the Fifa World Cup it is going to be a very busy time for our customers. Research has shown that 49% of people are more likely to buy pizza during the world cup, so this means that for one of our customers, a pizza chain, having IT system support in place will provide them with great reassurance and confidence to provide their own customers with the best service possible. They have IT support in place for the predicted increase in up time, can you say the same for your IT support? With new “relaxation orders” coming in to play allowing extended trading hours for pubs and bars, the hospitality sector is going to see a massive increase in up-time. With matches due to kick off in the afternoons and evenings it’s going to mean that football fans will be heading out straight from work to watch the games and staying until close, so you need to ensure your IT support is flexible enough to cover you for these extended peak hours of trading. Are systems integrate globally, currently we cater to 62 countries worldwide and that includes 50% of the countries taking part in the World Cup. We are able to adapt to change rapidly and deliver a 24x7x365 service that could prove invaluable during these busy trading times. Our Help Desk provides language support, fluent in; Italian, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian and German. The Help desk team members are really passionate about the languages they speak not just in regards to the customers they support but also when it comes to the football teams they will be cheering on. (Javier supports our Spanish Customers and will be cheering Spain on in the World Cup.) We have multi-linguists like Emily who speaks 4 languages including English, Spanish, Italian and French. Emily is definitely World Cup ready, and even has football shirts representing every language she speaks. (Emily is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and French.) England have a 54% chance of getting through group stages to the finals and have a 11% chance of getting past the quarter finals so we are in with a chance. But whether England makes it or not, 50% of…
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